Various - Country Music Time, Series 51

  • Artist: Various
  • Category: Folk, World, & Country
  • Name: Country Music Time, Series 51
  • Size: 1339mb
  • Quality: FLAC, MP3


Program 665, Featuring Connie Eaton
A1 Connie Eaton If I Knew Enough To Come Out Of The Rain
A2 Connie Eaton Lonely Men & Lonely Women
A3 Connie Eaton If You Can't Believe In Love
Program 666, Featuring Charlie Louvin
B1 Charlie Louvin Love Don't Care
B2 Charlie Louvin Nobody Cares
B3 Charlie Louvin She's Just An Old Love Turned Memory
Program 667, Featuring Justin Tubb
C1 Justin Tubb Things I Still Remember Very Well
C2 Justin Tubb Blue Eyed Elaine
C3 Justin Tubb What's Wrong With The Way
C4 Justin Tubb We're Doing It Now
Program 668, Featuring Sonny James
D1 Sonny James A World Of Our Own
D2 Sonny James San Antonio Rose
D3 Sonny James Eres Tu
Program 669, Featuring LeRoy Van Dyke
E1 Leroy Van Dyke Who's Gonna Run The Truck Stop In Tuba City When I'm Gone?
E2 Leroy Van Dyke Texas Tea
E3 Leroy Van Dyke Save Me A Seat By The Fire
Program 670, Featuring Ferlin Husky
F1 Ferlin Husky Money Greases The Wheel
F2 Ferlin Husky Wings Of A Dove
F3 Ferlin Husky Home Sick
Program 671, Featuring Sonny James
G1 Sonny James In The Jailhouse Now
G2 Sonny James Running Bear
G3 Sonny James Amazing Grace
Program 672, Featuring Jimmy C. Newman
H1 Jimmy C. Newman The Happy Cajun
H2 Jimmy C. Newman Sugar Bee
H3 Jimmy C. Newman A Cajun Man Can
Program 673, Tommy Jennings
I1 Tommy Jennings New Orleans
I2 Tommy Jennings Lowdown Texas Ways
I3 Tommy Jennings Don't You Think It's Time
Program 674, Featuring Terri Hollowell
J1 Terri Hollowell Big Mamma John's
J2 Terri Hollowell May I
J3 Terri Hollowell One More Singer In Nashville
Program 675, Featuring Nat Stuckey
K1 Nat Stuckey Cut Across Shortly
K2 Nat Stuckey Take Time To Love Her
K3 Nat Stuckey Sun Coming Up
Program 676, Featuring Jim Glaser
L1 Jim Glaser She's Free But She's Not Easy
L2 Jim Glaser Who Were You Thinking Of
L3 Jim Glaser Woman, Woman
Program 677, Featuring Marty Martel
M1 Marty Martel I Can Feel It
M2 Marty Martel Sweet Becky Walker
M3 Marty Martel First Step
Program 678, Featuring John Anderson
N1 John Anderson Low Dog Blues
N2 John Anderson The Girl At The End Of The Bar
N3 John Anderson Your Lying Blue Eyes