CCCCCCCCxxxxxxxcxxccxc - I Put Gore On The Cover To Be Hard And Edgy But Please Dont Tell My Mom I Dont Want To Get Grounded Again

  • Artist: CCCCCCCCxxxxxxxcxxccxc
  • Category: Electronic
  • Name: I Put Gore On The Cover To Be Hard And Edgy But Please Dont Tell My Mom I Dont Want To Get Grounded Again
  • Size: 1382mb
  • Quality: FLAC, MP3


1 Anal Cunt Are Metal 0:15
2 Each Song Sounds The Same Because Each Song Is The Same 0:18
3 I Should've Made My Project About Frogs Since A Shitty Phyllomedusa Rip-Off Band Has Never Been Done Before 0:04
4 Download Our New 69 Track Pornogrind Ep On But Dont Tell My Brother He'll Just Tattle On Me 0:07
5 Bum Sick Is More Offensive Than This 0:01
6 Loligrind In A Nutshell 0:18
7 Listening To Sick Br00tal Cybergrind While Drinking Monster Energy Drinks And Playing COD 0:17
8 Getting A Papercut And Calling It Goregrind 0:03
9 I Only Listen To Albums Where Just The Intro Scrobbles 0:00
10 I Think Putting Gore On My Cover Is Very Original And Will Make Me Stand Out From Other Bands 0:04
11 Omphalectoicxanthopsia Tries Too Hard 0:04
12 No Effects On Vox 100% Goregrind!!! 0:10
13 Making Music Of A Genre Known For Being Offensive Then Getting Pissed If A Skinhead Likes It 0:10
14 Giving Your Band Some Long Vulgar Name That Doesn't Even Make Sense Then Shortening It To Every First Letter With Shitloads Of Xs Because You're A Fucking Pussy 0:11
15 Having A Wet Dream Then Making The Cum Stain A Porngrind Logo 0:04
16 Only Real Grindcore Uses Pig Squeals 0:07
17 The Virus I Had On My Computer When I Was In Middle School Is A Better Vocalist Than You 0:03
18 Only Grind Worth Listening To Are Those Bands That Have Like Nine 14 Year Old Malaysian Kids That Wear Black Metal Makeup For Somereason 0:06
19 Bands That Put Reverb On Everything Are Trying To Be Artsy But Suck More Than Cybergrind (First Hedera Helix Album Coming Soon!!!1) 0:06
20 I Respect Metal Archives's Definition Of Metal 0:10
21 Please Don't Tell My Mom I Sampled One Of The Naked Lady Videos She'll Ground Me 0:12
22 Making Porngrind Because You're A Loser That Thinks Putting Porn Samples In Your Songs Makes You Hard But Only Thing Hard About It Is Your Dick 0:09
23 Ok, We Get It, You Think Fart Jokes Are Funny, Have The Humor Of An 8 Year Old, And Can't Handle Anything Fast, But Please Stop Making Corprogrind 0:03
24 Gorenoise Is For Hipsters 0:13
25 Some Dumb Interlude Track So That The Song After The Gorenoise One Wouldn't Sound Quiet 0:06
26 Zoogrind Is For Furries 0:03
27 I Like How You Uploaded Just Your Half Of Your Split, Thanks, Not Putting Links To The Other Side Is Very Helpful, Thank You For Being Such A Helpful Person, Really 0:10
28 Ok, We Get It, You're A Virgin, See Women As Sex Objects, Have A Peeing Calvin Sticker On Your Pick-Up Truck, And Probably Vape, But Please Stop Making Porngrind 0:13
29 Just Because Its Grindcore Doesn't Mean Your Label Has To Have An Awful Name 0:03
30 I Can Read Your Logo, Fucking Poser 0:02
31 Russians Make Noisecore Because You Have To Be Drunk And Talentless To Make It (Implying This Actually Took Talent To Make) 0:05
32 Are You Compensating For Something With How Many Tracks You Have On Your Album? 0:00
33 Outro (Atleast This Album Wasn't Corprogrind!) 0:38