SymphoCat - hEar: 01

  • Artist: SymphoCat
  • Category: Electronic
  • Name: hEar: 01
  • Size: 1447mb
  • Quality: FLAC, MP3


1 Hear: 01, Symphocat - Recorded At Metarave: Think As Forest, St. Petersburg Region, Russia, 05.07.2020, 60.279281, 28.873012 60:01


Ambient music composer Ilya Symphocat presents a series of audio recordings under the name hEar, filled with live performances and field recordings made by the musician.

A recording of a live performance made at secret festival Meta Rave: Think As Forest from Trans Cyberian community on the Finnish Gulf became special for musician, ending a period of isolation that lasted 3 months due to a worldwide pandemic. During the live performance in the early morning on a small hill covered with sand and coniferous trees, live from Symphocat was accompanied by refreshing rain, sounds of waves from the Finnish Gulf and gusty wind. It should saying that in the live act were performed and paraphrased as the original compositions of the author and remixes of musicians Chronos, Art Electronix, Abjective, Aveorm.